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On Friday, October 7th, Fireboat John J Harvey
set out from Pier 66 on the West side of Manhattan
for an adventure to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut,
just off Long Island Sound.

Long Island Sound Fireboat Visit

Harvey made a long trip on a lovely day on Friday the 7th to the Ferry Docks at New London, where Pamela Hepburn arranged a great berth overnight.

Saturday we left (in the dark) at 0600 to catch high water and strict opening times on two bridges on the Mystic River. Pamela Hepburn and Matt Perricone, who have each taken their tugs up this narrow shallow passage, gave us great advice on hazards to avoid. (The channel is that little tiny itsy bitsy set of lines that runs up the middle of the chart to the left.) Our early morning entrance into stunning Mystic CT and the Seaport, in PERFECT weather, was a great experience.

We were open to the public dockside at the Museum for three sunny days and averaged over 1,000 people per day through the boat. Our dockside water displays were a great hit in the record-breaking heat and during one, we literally blew the shoes off one kid on the adjacent dock. Norman Brouwer (the eminent maritime historian) was our guide and provided logistical support, and other friends from the area (including Mervin Roberts, George Delmhorst (long lost HarVol), Dave Redfield and others stopped by.

Tuesday morning at 0630 we left Mystic at mid-tide for Captain's Cove Marina in Bridgeport, where our hosts were great, we appeared on two local TV broadcasts, had many visitors (in spite of the last minute notice) and made the cover of the Connecticut Post. The crew were treated to a brilliant meal at the local fire station. Bravo Bridgeport!

We left there Wednesday morning to make the (8 foot) high tide at Oyster Bay. Coming down the sound with a four foot following sea was a new experience on the boat; different than the Hudson....

Among others, Renee and Gordon Stanley, Barbara Moore, Karl Schuman, Bruce Rosencrantz & Dan Walker supplemented Jessica DuLong and John Browne as crew, as did Chief Engineer Emeritus Tim Ivory. (Bob Lenney was condemned by cruel fate to be on a cruise ship and hence could not make it, to our mutual regret.)

HarVol Renee Lutz Stanley took these photos of parts of the trip, up to, and at, Mystic Seaport.

Top Row from left to right:
1. Sunrise reflecting off New Jersey buildings during early morning departure from Pier 66
2. Heading north on the East River
3. View from the wheelhouse
4. The Mystic River bridge

Bottom Row from left to right:
1. Engineer John Brown thanking "DaBosun" Karl Schuman for having the boat freshly painted
2. Crowds at Mystic Seaport enjoying the water displays
3. Kids enjoying getting wet
4. The crew relaxing after a hard days work

The boat looks great at her pier in Oyster Bay,
where she will be a featured vessel in the Oyster Festival this weekend.
We plan to leave there for Pier 66 at about 12:30 on Monday
arriving in NYC around 15:30
Visit us at Oyster Bay and email: <trips@fireboat.org> for reservations
to join us for the trip home.

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