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John J. Harvey, 2010 Save America's Treasures
Grant Recipient

Save America's Treasures is a very competitive and prestigious Federal grant program which provides funding for our Nation's most significant historic and cultural sites. We are VERY PROUD of the newly announced award of a $165,955 Matching Grant to continue our 11-year restoration process. Thanks to the diligence and hard work of Renee Lutz Stanley and Capt Ann Loeding we are among an elite group of recipients for this coveted award.

This is a Matching Grant. We must raise a like amount. So we need your help... more than ever. Every dollar you give is matched by the Federal Government. What better way to put your taxes to work!!!!

Sooo, why don't you already have your pen in your hand... or are rushing to get to our on-line tax deductible donation site by clicking this link?

Photo Courtesy Jean Preece
Photo Courtesy Jean Preece


For those who knew John Krevey, no words can describe what a thoroughly wonderful figure he was. For those who did not, no words suffice to paint an adequate portrait of this ebullient man.

For the record, John Krevey colonized and profoundly altered the face of City's waterfront far beyond his creation of Pier 63/66. Without him,
John J. Harvey and our organization wound not exist; nor would our fellow National Register vessel and neighbor, Frying Pan. He had barely started his colonization of the Queens waterfront at Anabel Basin when he died.

John Krevey did wonderful things with his life. We mourn not only John, but also the countless marvelous, unforeseeable things he would have done for our City and our had he been granted another few decades.

Our team is assembling their many wonderful Krevey stories for a special edition of The Splash to come within the next two weeks..


There will be a memorial service for John on the pier this spring.
We will keep you apprised of the date.



As proof that we have not been totally consumed with the cold and snow of this amazing winter,
we want to let you in on an exciting secret.

We've been working on some spectacular events for this coming season. The first is...

We are working on bringing together teams of firefighters and mariners representing local firehouses and vessels to compete in a head-to-head chili cookoff with lots of prizes and fun-filled events.

And, we haven't even begun to tell you about our fantastic 80th Birthday Celebration later this year. It will be fantasmaglorious... or something like that.

More about this events and dates in the next issue...

We'd like to introduce a new feature. A column of rants... raves... cheers and jeers by HarVol, David Grill. This should appear whenever David gets riled up enough or until we throw him overboard.

The Chili Smackdown
(The Real Story)

Last week this suburban lad (never mind that he grew up in the Bronx) dusted off his passport, checked his visa, and boarded a NJ Transit train for the storied Isle of Manhattan. After hurtling through an underwater tube, arriving at Penn Station, and boarding an uptown subway, he popped up on the upper West Side. So many people! Such big buildings! Such Hustle! Such Bustle!

Anyway, he finds his way to the building where the Fund Raising Committee is meeting. And there, in a well-appointed nest, are a tribe of homosapiens arguing the relative merits of Trader Joe's vs. Whole Foods. So this lad is thinking to himself, "Welcome to Manhattan."

But I digress.

The purpose of the gathering was to plan a fund raising event for the John J Harvey to be named "The Chili Smackdown." We may discuss later why anyone would want to smack down Chili, given Chili's generally gooey state, but hold that thought. We may also discuss later whether Chili may object to being smacked down and may elect to invade Peru. Or Argentina. Or Bolivia.

But I digress, again.

Here's what the tribe came up with:

    There will be prizes
      1st Prize: You go home without your kid. Other prizes: Nice stuff Tours will be given by HarVols who a) actually know stuff (i.e. Bob, Jessica, Tim, Browne & Thorner) or b) can make stuff up that sounds convincing (i.e. Grill)
    The smacking will between members of the FDNY (that's firefighters) and Mariners (anyone who's all wet). It'll be on the Harvey's homeport of Pier 66 Maritime. We're thinking about approaching Alka-Seltzer as a corporate sponsor (seriously, I didn't make this one up)

So, what's the point of all of this? To have fun and raise funds! So block out your calendar for a Sunday in early June (or whatever alternative date we come up with) and check the website calendar for further details as they develop. And feel free to contact Dick Solay our Executive Director if you have any ideas, serious or otherwise.

And remember.......the Chili may be hot, but in June, Chile isn't.


If you have a story about the Harvey or your experience with or on it that you'd like to share, please send it to us. We're always looking for other points of view.


Attention All HarVol Hands!

We're hoping to start-up the HarVol program onboard beginning Saturday, March 12th at 10AM... weather conditions permitting.

I want to restart our deck skills development program to build more trained, qualified deck hands. If you're interested let me know. And, there will be many more things to do besides the usual chipping, prepping and painting for inexperienced and delicate Vols.

Look forward to seeing you aboard.



OH! And, p l e a s e click here to go to our website and purchase
one of our fantastic Fireboat John J. Harvey T Shirts
and a copy of Chief Engineer, Jessica DuLong's wonderful book My River Chronicles,
about her experiences aboard the John J. Harvey... a unique and riviting view of the Hudson River and the changing world on her banks.


We Need Your Support

Trips are expensive and need to be supported.
If you have any ideas on how to find or provide
financial support for our programs please contact:
Dick Solay

Executive Director, Save Our Ships New York

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Labor donations count toward the grant too and are essential to our efforts.

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Fireboat John J. Harvey is not certified by the Coast Guard for carriage of passengers for hire.
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A special "THANKS" to HarVol SPLASH Editor Susan Denning who keeps us from appearing too gramatically and punctuactionally (Is that a word Susan?) challenged.